Is the Work From Home (WFH) honeymoon over?

Is the Work From Home (WFH) honeymoon over? Returning To Business after COVID-19 “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. “— Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. As millions of employees have been asked to work remotely due to Covid-19, this is no longer a debate It’s a reality that every manager is going to have to face the minute it’s time to call employees back to their desks. Sure, for a brief period there could be a honeymoon stage where employees are happy to be once again interacting face-to-face with adults. But before long, fond memories of autonomously working from home will creep in, especially as work-life becomes more stressful and hectic. And, there are those employees that simply prefer working from an office. So, while we don’t know what the end of Covid-19 will look like, this much is clear. Managers (especially those previously skeptical of remote working) need to be preparing for a new workforce coming back to the office; one that has tasted the fruits of remote working and won’t easily let it go. The debate around working remotely is officially over. It’s now up to managers to decide whether they’ll lock up their employees after Covid-19 has passed.

Zoom fatigue, homeschooling young children and working at a makeshift home office are factors combining to make workers yearn for the office, say workplace experts. Despite some positive signs, the increasingly blurred lines between work and leisure, restrictions of choice and physical disconnection mean employees put in longer hours, are less productive and crave interactions with colleagues. Some solutions? Exercise regularly, try to set work-life boundaries and reward yourself with something guilt-free each day.

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