Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown in Event, branding & advertising

Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown in Event, branding & advertising. As pandemic Covid-19 -induced social distancing pushes people to the confines of their own home, all we can say is, “thank God we have the internet to help pass the time”.

Post #COVID19  Lockdown4 things are likely to change in the way we work in corporate.

  1. Acceptance of WFH
  2. Increased usage of VC in conducting meetings
  3. Drastic reduction in business travel.
  4. Fewer large events. Will bring efficiency, agility and reduce cost

Broadcasters are staring at a drop in advertising revenues despite Indians spending more time at home watching TV during the ongoing lockdown after top spending companies put many planned campaigns on hold or even cancelled them.

Top broadcasters, media buyers and advertisers, feel that if the situation doesn’t improve by end of April, the TV industry will end up with a 30-40% drop in ad revenues in April and May.

69% of Brands Expect They Will Decrease Ad Spend in 2020


Marketers have postponed or cancelled regular campaigns and films that would have been inappropriate to run in these times. Imagine scenes of people in a crowded cafe or bar, in buses and trains, people hugging, kissing and feeding each other, in a time when social distance is critical to saving lives. (Now would also be a good time stop sending push SMSs to your customers about holiday offers that don’t exist, for instance.)

But brands have launched pandemic themed films on television and digital channels using stock footage/images and user generated content, and produced these films from makeshift home-offices, given that many markets are under lockdown. Among the first to bolt out are Vivo, Asian Paints, Dettol, Tata Sky and ITC.

In India, TV consumption continued to spike in the 12th week of the current calendar, as reported by television viewership measurement agency Broadcast Audience Research Council of India (BARC India). March 21 to 27 saw viewership surge 11% as compared to January 11 to 3. The average daily reach grew 62 million from 560 million to 622 million.

As state-run Doordarshan launched reruns of epic TV shows Ramayan and Mahabharat, should we also expect to see reruns of epic Indian advertising? Marketers and ad landers and among their choices of classic ads they’d like to see again on the telly were Fevicol ‘Bus’, Hajmola ‘Masterji’, VIP ‘Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi’.

Social media : for brands during lockdown – how to adapt to the new normal: During lockdown people have embraced social media to the point whereby we’ve registered an unprecedented rise in screen time, a 25% increase in engagement on Instagram and TikTok in the past month and a staggering 72% increase on #ad content by influencers (as per Research Agencies).

Here’s Few themes recommend brands to consider on social media during this weird, weird time:

  • Be a force for good
  • Put your audience first
  • Make it authentic and keep it real
  • Be interactive
  • Know where your audience is spending their time
  • Get creative with content
  • Face filters, branded effects and GIFs
  •  Live broadcasts

Lockdown accelerates digital-first advertising strategy of brands

Newspapers are facing a major delivery challenge, outdoor advertising has almost stalled, radio isn’t picking up either as cars are off the road and TV isn’t offering viewers with new content.

Digital is going through a major boom during the lockdown and has become the go-to media for a major section of the society. And where there are users, there would be advertisers.

The medium is also likely to expand sooner than expected in terms of advertising revenue and may overtake print faster than it has been predicted.

India’s print advertising revenue currently stands at over Rs 20,000 crore. Whereas, digital is in the range of Rs 12,000 crore (of which more than one third is owned by Google and Facebook).

The rise of digital

Given the uncertainty of the situation and everything is in a lockdown mode, most advertisers are cautious and are cutting down spends.

This is true for most of the categories. However, some of the categories such as FMCG, entertainment, telecommunications, and e-commerce (essential delivery), etc, continue to spend on digital.

Marketing Ideas and Tips during the Coronavirus (Covid-19):

  • 1. Don’t Make Knee Jerk Reactions Out of Panic
  • 2. Keep Connected with Your Customers on Social Media
  • 3. Take Any Opportunities That Arise to Help People in the Crisis
  • 4. Improve Your Online Presence
  • 5. Improve Your Site’s SEO
  • 6. Use PPC Advertising
  • 7. Adapt Your Offers to the Circumstances
  • 8. Keep Nimble and Adjust to Meet Customer Needs
  • 9. Keep on Top of Your Marketing Metrics
  • 10. If Forced into Lockdown Plan Your Future Marketing

The 3 R’s of your business digital marketing strategy and sales strategy during lockdown :

Re-evaluate your digital marketing efforts

Restructure your digital assets

Regroup your marketing efforts

The working class is freely accessing web channels and various social media platforms while working from home.

All brands and corporates across the real estate sector are finding it worthwhile to invest their money in marketing activities.

News channels are recording the highest TRP and web portals are seeing the highest number of visitor engagements as never before.

With no newspaper being delivered and outdoor marketing has lost its sheen, social media has the power to grab maximum eyeballs.

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