MP Elections 2019, Facebook to increase the accountability for ads

MP elections 2019 is coming as big thing in social media. All Political parties will do the Ad campaigns on many Social Media platforms. To verify the identity and location of each political ads Facebook is looking to create transparency for all its advertising around the MP elections pole. In December, the group had announced that advertisers were able to begin authorizations on mobile verifying their identity and location to run political ads.

Now, ads that reference political parties, political figures, elections and ads that advocate for or against legislation will show users ‘Published by’ or ‘Paid for by’ disclaimers banner. Additionally, users can access a searchable Ad Library to learn about the ads related to politics. Users can also start seeing the country location of the people managing Pages that run political ads to better understand the origin of the Page.

#Facebook Enforcement of these new features and the Political Ads policy begins on 21 February. Post this, only advertisers who have completed authorizations and will be allowed to run political ads in India. In a statement, #Shivnath Thukral, public policy director, #India & #South Asia and #Sarah Schiff, product manager, urged the support of its users. They said, “Our systems won’t catch every political ad that runs so reports from others will be key.

If people come across an ad and think it should include a disclaimer, they can tap the three dots at the top right-hand corner of the ad, and select ‘report ad’. If we find the ad relates to politics, we’ll remove it and add it to the Library, where it will be accessible for seven years. News publishers who are members of or appear in recognized industry groups and lists — or who have been validated by official sources in India are not subject to the authorizations, transparency and enforcement requirements provided by the policy.

By increasing transparency around the ads and of the Pages on Facebook, we hope to increase accountability for the advertisers, help people assess the content what they are seeing and prevent future abuse in MP elections pole.”

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